Saturday, December 26, 2015


When your child is born, you have many friends and family offer their congratulations and well wishes. In reality congratulatory greetings should be done after your child is old enough to live independently and on his own able to support themselves financially. There is a lot of work that goes into laying the foundation for that to happen when they are still very young before they become more set in their ways. There are lots of things parents can do and influence and other things that are beyond your control. (environment, genetics etc) I got a lot of advice from parents's who had kids on what to do and what to expect. I could only remember a few important points that I took away which seem to make sense, but they seem to work.

There has been much discussion about the Tiger and Helicopter type of parent. The child raised by these types of methods could easily get into a great University and have a great career, but still may not be someone who has high self esteem or completely independent. These are 2 entirely different things. These elements standout even more because of the advent of social media and the internet as more young people rely and become more comfortable using these methods to communicate rather than talking face to face.

Self confidence is a great thing. It can help one to better find a job, get a promotion, become a natural leader, find a date/spouse and not having to worry about very superficial issues because you become unsure of oneself.